Planning: Plow Route Optimization

Planning snowplow routes is a complex process. Route optimization evaluates an agency’s plow routes and recommends improvements for greater efficiency. Agencies may be able to reduce their cycle times, lower fuel costs and even combine routes while still delivering the same level of service.



Manuals and Documents

Reports, manuals and guidance on snowplow route optimization at state DOTs and local agencies.

  • Clear Roads 14-03: Practice Manual
  • Clear Roads 14-03: Reference Cards
  • Colorado: Snow Route Optimization (research report, 2016)
  • Kentucky: Snow and Ice Removal Route Optimization in Kentucky (research report, 2017)
  • Missouri: Optimizing Winter/Snow Removal Operations in MoDOT St. Louis District – Includes Outcome Based Evaluation of Operations (research report, 2011)
  • City of Columbus, Ohio: Route Optimization for Snow and Ice Control (presentation, 2015)
  • Ohio: Snow and Ice Practices (report, 2011)
  • South Dakota: Winter Highway Maintenance Plan (2017)


Other Research and Resources





CH2MHill Snow Plow Route Optimization project in Centennial, Colorado (2013)


C2Logix Snow Plow Optimization Webinar (2013)