Requests for Proposals

Clear Roads is currently soliciting investigator proposals for four new research projects:

  • Comprehensive Guide to Pre-Wetting Application Rates and Methods (Estimated maximum project budget: $200,000)
  • Best Management Practices for Liquid Chloride Storage and Pumping Systems (Estimated maximum project budget: $75,000)
  • Evaluation of Direct Liquid Application of Salt Brine vs. Granular Salt as Measured Through Various Performance and Safety Metrics (Estimated maximum project budget: $125,000)
  • Use of Dashboards for Winter Operations (Estimated maximum project budget: $75,000)

The RFPs for these projects are available for download on Minnesota DOT’s Solicitations page. For all projects, the deadline to submit proposals is Wednesday, September 7, 2022.

To be notified when future RFPs are posted, please email to be added to our email list.