Requests for Proposals

pH Waiver for Deicing Products and the Qualified Products List

Brief description: MnDOT requests responses for a Clear Roads project that will develop guidance to help determine the appropriate pH range for deicing products included on the Clear Roads Qualified Products List (QPL), in particular, those products with a high organic compound content. Products with pH levels that are outside of an acceptable range can be a significant safety risk, leading to corrosion in highway infrastructure and environmental pollution. The goal of this project is to help Clear Roads determine the appropriate pH range for deicing products listed on the QPL. If the research confirms that pH is not the only qualifying factor for some winter maintenance products, particularly those with a low pH associated with organic material, investigators will develop a process to determine risks to highway infrastructure and the environment that are separate from pH, allowing a waiver to be considered.

Date posted: 03/10/2023
Due date:  04/07/2023

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