Review and Summary of Pre-wet Methods and Procedures


While previous research has been done in this area, Clear Roads believes that gaps in knowledge exist and that further investigation is needed to identify the most effective materials, equipment, and methods for pre-wetting.


The compilation of relevant recent knowledge, data, and guidance, as well as detailed descriptions of current national and international agency practices regarding on-board pre-wetting of solids, specifically focusing on the areas of materials, equipment and methods (including application rates and vehicle speed).

Expected Results

To provide guidance to transportation agencies seeking to effectively employ the practice of pre-wetting of solid materials in their winter highway maintenance protocols. A Phase II project is planned, which will combine the results of both phases to produce a comprehensive guide to pre-wetting. That ultimate deliverable must inform the approach, development, and execution of this Phase I project—the compilation and review of knowledge and practices.

The Final Webinar took place on June 10, 2021.

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