Training Resources

Training and development is important to workplace safety, productivity and satisfaction. Many training opportunities are now available online via webinars or videos. Combined with communication tools, taking a live course online can be comparable to attending a class in person.

For snow and ice maintenance workers, training for even the most basic tasks such as safety procedures can ensure tasks are completed more thoroughly with less risk of accidents. Using videos to complement operating manuals are a good way to demonstrate the proper use of snow plow equipment and machinery.

This page provides several training resources and opportunities for snow and ice maintenance workers. Additional videos not posted here can be found at some of organizations listed under Other Resources and on the project details page of each Clear Roads project listed in the blue column.


Webinar and Online Courses


Other Research and Resources


Implementation of Liquid-Only Plow Routes (Full Video) Implementation of Liquid-Only Plow Routes (Short Video)
 Training Video for Field Testing of Deicing Materials Clear Roads Webinar with Caltrans Division of Equipment

Minnesota DOT Snowplow Operators Training 2016

Iowa DOT Introduction to Snow Removal – Winter Operations Training Series 1 of 15
Iowa DOT Winging Techniques – Winter Operations Training Series 8 of 15 Ohio LTAP Center’s Winter Operations Training Program