17-S1: Accuracy of Deicer and Abrasive Material Application Equipment

With the increasing emphasis on protecting the environment from foreign materials and chemicals, reducing the amount of anti-icing and deicing chemicals and accurately reporting the amounts applied are gaining importance. However, the accuracy of salt application equipment is varied. Loss of calibration coding, moisture of salt, size of salt grains, temperature of hydraulic fluid, flight on the auger not being full of material, and wear on equipment all have an effect on the accuracy of measurements of salt application of snow plows.

Clear Roads members are interested in learning about state DOT’s current practices and certainty concerning the accurate calibration of solid material (deicer) application equipment.

Expected Results
Through a literature search and survey of Clear Roads states, this project will produce a synthesis report which summarizes the level of confidence the DOTs have in the calibration of their spreading equipment and will seek to determine if any agency has a more accurate means to measure output.

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