16-01: Utilization of AVL/GPS Technology: Case Studies


Much is known about what winter maintenance AVL/GPS technologies are available from different vendors as well as which highway agencies are making use of them. Among other sources, these have been documented through Clear Roads project 14-01: Synthesis on GPS/AVL Equipment Used for Winter Maintenance. However, highway agencies will significantly benefit from a deeper examination of winter maintenance AVL/GPS implementation.


The goal of this project is to help state DOTs make more informed decisions with respect to implementation of winter maintenance AVL/GPS.

Expected Results

Detailed agency case studies developed in this new Clear Roads project will bring to light more nuanced issues related to winter maintenance AVL/GPS. Clear Roads members expect that such case studies will highlight the types of issues that agencies should consider, provide guidance for successful implementation, and serve as possible templates for agencies to get the best value out of different levels of AVL/GPS applications.

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