12-03: Understanding the Chemical and Mechanical Performance of Snow and Ice Control Agents on Porous or Permeable Pavements


Winter maintenance field personnel have reported several issues related to pavement performance when applying snow and ice control agents on porous or permeable asphalt pavement surfaces.

These pavement surfaces appear to refreeze more quickly and stay wet longer than other pavements. Field personnel report that they require 25 to 30 percent more deicing agent, and that in some conditions these pavements refreeze well after the conclusion of snow and ice control activities.


This project will provide better information and guidelines to help determine the optimum maintenance strategies for porous or permeable asphalt pavements, including:

  • Dense graded pavements
  • Open graded pavements
  • Ultrathin Friction Course

Expected Results

Results will include:

  • A white paper that explains the chemical and mechanical interactions among different types of snow and ice control agents, precipitation, and porous/permeable pavement before, during and after a storm.
  • A synthesis of best practices, including application rates (both amounts and timing of treatments) for different types of storms.
  • A recommended plan of study for field testing as a follow-up project.
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